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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Banner day at CMO

Wow, what a difference a day makes! Suddenly ripe mulberries appear on the tree and birds descend. It was just two days ago I was sprinkling the trees trying to save them from freezing. And even the night before last it got down to 32°. So migration officially began today at CMO.

Male Summer Tanager
There were only 3 warbler species, that I saw, and no grosbeaks or empidinax flycatchers, but a lot of great birds, nonetheless. A beautiful male Lazuli Bunting and Varied Bunting pilfered mulberries when the mockingbird police didn't catch them. They were too sly for me to get photos of. Maybe tomorrow. I hate mockingbirds.

Tomorrow is my first spring birding group. I hope it's rocking with birds again tomorrow. Sometimes migration will be great one day, then dead the next.

Civilization is always nearby, even at the oasis.

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