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Friday, April 4, 2014

Curb appeal?

My sister came by and took some photos for my blog. It's that, or nothing, today. Since the weather was cool and windy, I wanted to get road work done, hoping I could look for butterflies tomorrow. However, what I thought would be a four hour job took 6 hours today, and I'm not done yet. Hopefully, I'll finish here in the morning, but at least I have the hole filled in. The rest of the curb will be to divert water away from the road.

I still haven't finished the curb I was working on earlier in the week. Maybe Sunday I can finish it. In this last photo above, I'm standing on the fill dirt that I had just finished putting in the hole. I filled it as I went along. The hole is now totally filled in, but I was so exhausted, I forgot to take a picture of it. Tomorrow I will.

This is another area of the mile-long road that is built on a slope of rhyolite. Underneath the rake in the center photo above you can get an idea of how the water runs over the bedrock and across the road. The curb is to keep the water running on top of the bedrock, especially in areas where the road has worn down, leaving it lower than the bedrock. The alternative is putting more dirt on the road, and that's only a band-aid until it washes out the road again. Meanwhile, it's a dust bowl. Hopefully, this will work out better.

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