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Thursday, April 10, 2014

First warblers of this year at CMO

Just a Wilson's and a Yellow-rumped, so I didn't take photos of them. Since I got the curbs done, I thought today was an easy day, but it sure wore me out for some reason. Maybe things caught up with me. Nights are cold but days heat up fast. This is the best I've ever had a madrone look. I should have tried for better lighting so all the blooms would show up better. This tree is about 8' tall.

I've concluded the Chinese Pistache tree is losing most or all of it's blooms because it didn't get pollinated. The new little one has to bloom before it can pollinate it, and of course, it has to be a male. Oh, well.... All the green splotches on the ground under the tree are flower clusters, that won't become berries.

Here's the new little potential pollinator in front of the big pistache. The little one is still caged and staked. They come about 6' tall and pencil thin from the nursery, so one has no choice but to support it and shade the trunk from sunscald. It's been in the ground 2 years. The big one has been there about 12 years. 

My ptelea is finally showing signs of life.

And back in Alpine, our Black Locusts are putting on quite a display.

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