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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good bunting day

Had 4 species of bunting but unfortunately by the time the birding group arrived around 10 AM, I could no longer locate the Lark Bunting and it would have been a lifer for some of the group. Too bad. This male has most of its breeding plumage but still a little smattering of winter plumage.

The other 3 bunting species are Indigo, Lazuli, and Varied. I have so many photos of Varied that I couldn't get motivated to take any more, but here are a couple of the Indigo and Lazuli eating mulberries. Not good photos because I just couldn't focus on them deep in the tree, as they were.

One of two Lazulis present today

This Indigo seems not to have full adult plumage with considerable brown on top of the head.
Birders were much easier to photograph.

Here is a kind of optical illusion. It's of flowers (I keep forgetting what kind) beside some rocks on the edge of my white-coated tank. So the tank looks like sky and the rocks look like mountains. Works for me.

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