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Monday, September 22, 2014

Perfect day in some ways

Temperature wonderful, blooms everywhere. Morning was overcast and no butterflies so I worked on my madrone project. With that and working on the road yesterday, I ended up too exhausted to enjoy this afternoon  when the sun finally made sporadic appearances. Good snake weather so I stayed real vigilant. Didn't see or hear any rattlers unless you count this coil track of a rattler.

The stucco tank is holding the same. Didn't spring any more leaks from the added pressure during Odile.

The reason water ran across the road during the Odile event was because the ditch below the lower dam spillway is pretty much silted full. I need to get it cleaned out. Thinking about hiring someone to do it instead of trying to do it myself. My shoulder just refuses to function since I coated the tank last winter. Maybe if I do a little bit every day. That approach doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere on the madrone project. No progress detected lately.

Saw an American Lady today, the first one for this year, I think.

You can't go anywhere at the oasis without encountering flowers and water. It's wonderful!

I'm thinking the reason the above soapberry thicket isn't doing better is because the rhyolite bedrock is so close to the surface in this area. The other soapberry thicket is doing much better.

Soapberry thicket by upper dirt tank

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