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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Did I just yesterday use the word "serenity"?

Yes, I marveled at the "serenity and beauty" of my place. But upon further reflection, I probably have a greater chance of dying from a snake bite here than I do of contracting Ebola somewhere else. Just today I had another encounter with one. It was rattling at me as I took this photo. Not my definition of serenity.

Black-tailed Rattlesnake

As death lurks under the rocks, there is surprising life lurking amid the rocks, waiting for a good soaking rain to resurrect it. These Living Rock cacti are invisible except when they're blooming, and they're blooming by the millions right now.

I had never noticed the head of a Filigree Skimmer dragonfly before. It looks like a banded agate. Pretty cool!

So much to keep discovering in nature!

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