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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Waiting for energy to return

Coming south from Alpine this morning the highway was littered with bicyclists and their accompanying vehicle entourages. It was like an obstacle course. All I could think of was if they used all that energy working on my road what a lovely road it would be. Oh, well. Maybe November will be warm and lovely making winter not so long. And hopefully my health won't fall apart anytime soon. I've just dragged around lately with no energy. Hope that ends soon.

I stopped to hang my newly repainted sign coming onto my property.

Then coming within sight of the oasis, I was pleased to see how green and lush it still is in late October.

I don't often see butterflies nectaring at the hummingbird feeders, but maybe this Red Admiral managed to get his head inside the port and reach the sugar water.

This Empress Leilia wasn't as successful. The type feeders I use (Dr JBs) have internal baffles to prevent bees from reaching the solution, which probably hinders most butterflies too.

Nothing sweet on my camera lens either. I hope.

Empress Leilia

The red lantana I planted this summer sure looks happy.

I planted a third Woolly Butterfly bush today. The first two didn't make it. I'm determined to keep the new one from freezing this winter. That species grows wild down by my sister's place. I don't see why I 'm having such a hard time with it. Sorry, forgot to take a photo.

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