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Monday, December 29, 2014

False alarm

I still didn't have my lens back so called the repair company this morning. They tracked it and said it was delivered at the front door a week ago. I was in a panic. But the lady doing the checking saw that the place it was delivered wasn't the address they had on file so she did some more checking. Turns out she had tracked the wrong package and mine was on the truck to be delivered today. I went from despair to euphoria in 9 seconds, but it was an hour between the first misinformation, and the correct information, so for that hour I was miserable and whining to anyone that would listen.

Arriving at CMO this morning I found some fairly recent scat. I don't know what made them. Anyone have an idea? The fly on it can give you an idea of size. I was thinking maybe Elk.

The new feeder on the ground is the most popular place at the oasis. Late in the afternoon dozens of Scaled Quail help themselves to the buffet.

I always think madrone leaves look healthiest when the stems are real red. I haven't actually read that anywhere, just the way it looks to me.


  1. I really doubt elk are in the BB. Also I suspect elk dung would be like deer dung. Likely some carnivore.

  2. It's rare, but I have seen Elk by Elephant Mountain 30 miles to the north so I can't rule it out, but you're probably right. Just seemed too big for a deer. Thanks for weighing in.

  3. Elk are absolutely in the Big Bend. We have giant Roosevelt Elk on 9 Point Mesa and other mountains here. I came face to face with one near our place last year. We lived in Colorado and saw Rocky Mountain Elk every day but this was the biggest elk I had ever encountered. It was amazing!

    1. That's great to know. Thanks for the info. I would love to see one at my place.