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Monday, December 8, 2014

Wintering oasis birds

We're far enough into winter that I can pretty much tell which species I have overwintering at the oasis this winter. There seems to be a Winter Wren staying around, but I can't get enough of a look for a photo. Sometimes I hear it calling. The next best overwintering bird is a Brown Thrasher that's been around for quite some time too. Some years I have more Lark Buntings. This year there seems to be only one small flock. Kelly says Lark Buntings are irruptive species, meaning they come some years in large numbers, and some years are nearly absent for no discernible reason.

Since my lens is off for repair I don't have any bird photos to post, but here is a shot of my Cholla patch that I hope will entice Lucifer Hummingbirds to nest, maybe by the spring of 2016. I'm pleased with the growth this year.

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