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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Oh, well...

When my son was here over Thanksgiving he labored mightily to get that dead cottonwood stump into my pickup so I could haul it away. Then we had to unload it onto the loading dock because my husband insisted I take some deer feed to town in my pickup and there wasn't room for both.

So today when I got to CMO I tipped the stump off the dock into my pickup. Downhill, no problem. It landed upside down in my pickup bed, with the flat cut off stump down and the roots sticking up. Oh, my, oh, my. I saw it in a whole new light. Like, did you know the Hopi Indians only used cottonwood roots to make their traditional Katsina (sometimes spelled Kachina) dolls? How could I just discard such a theoretically valuable piece of wood. So I hauled it back down to the oasis, slid it into the wheelbarrow, also downhill, and rolled it over by the seed feeder for birds to perch on, then, tipped the wheelbarrow over and let it thud to the ground. As in final resting place.

Hmmm, maybe it looked better in the back of the pickup. I can't reload it, that's for sure, so what is, is. I might sprinkle dirt and seeds on it and see what grows.


  1. It's lovely. I have all kinds of stumps and logs in my flowerbeds here in NE Texas. I like the texture they add to the landscape.

  2. Glad you like it. I would love to see photos of your stumps. Might give me some inspiration. I piled dirt on this stump and am confident it'll look good when something grows on it.