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Friday, March 25, 2016

A little Lucifer cheer

Being so low on water, and knowing it may be three or more months before rain comes, is depressing. But I was cheered up when my sister showed me a photo she took of a female Lucifer Hummingbird gathering nesting material at her place a mile from the oasis. My sister isn't a birder, nor a photographer, but considering she took the photo through her kitchen window and screen is impressive.

The "material" is the ends of frayed yarn that my sister had tied to some branches for decoration for her grandkids a year or two ago.  Later she removed all she could get to, but didn't bother with the hard to reach areas. I have lots of more suitable nesting material at the oasis but my sisters' places are closer to where they are believed to nest. I have seen courtship displays recently but the ocotillo are in full glorious bloom so activity is light. Love the Lucifers!

After each successive trip the female disappeared toward their mountain "nursery." Another sister nearby videotaped the Lucifers gathering nesting material several years ago. I hope to get to see that video one of these days. I do have photos of the Lucifers gathering nesting material at CMO. (Posted 5-28-10.) We're definitely in the Lucifer's den.

Speaking of Lucifers, someone published their bucket list to the Alpine Avalanche newspaper. I have no idea who it is, but CMO is on the list (#9).

I finally managed a better Mexican Forktail shot yesterday.

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