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Saturday, March 12, 2016

ODing on odes

I feel like today I finally hit the jackpot. I had been eagerly anticipating a trip to Austin to look for all the great dragonflies my Austin friends have been posting online. With rainy/cloudy weather for the last week I wasn't very optimistic about finding them, but as it turned out, I think I got every species I had hoped for. I took a record of over 600 photos today and have most of them identified, but not all, so may have more lifers ahead. So far my lifers for today are at 12. Too tired to post them all tonight and we're going out again tomorrow early, but here are a few. This Blue Corporal is the big prize. At the time I photographed it I didn't know what it was, but Eric Isley ID'd it from my photo. I'm hoping someone else in our group got photos of it too. Our group consisted of Eric, Desha Melton, Greg Lasley, Jim Miller and me. All better photographers than I am.

The next one is a Dusky-blue Groundstreak.

I'm fading fast, so here are a couple more lifers, and I'll post more in the next few days.

Swamp Darner

Stream Cruiser
Mating Plains Clubtail

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