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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Alpine flora

Here and there stuff is blooming. I thought apple trees produce only every other year, but after a bumper crop last year, the tree appears to be threatening a repeat performance. I still have a bushel of dried apples left from last year. The tree is an Ein Shemer semi-dwarf.

Here's another bloom that I don't recognize. It's a happy little bush growing in the fenceline where it escapes the mower. Someone on a local plant group online suggested it's a Javelina Bush. They're probably correct.

I couldn't endure seeing photos of all the great butterflies and odes my friends are posting from Austin so I decided next week I'm going on a trip. You can follow my adventures, or misadventures, here.


  1. I don't know that I ever paid much attention to javelina bush, but the leaves look like it: Matt and I enjoyed them because it's the host plant for the Mexican Agapema moth (Agapema anona) and their cocoons look like mini-loofahs! Love, love, love it... very scratchy bush though, but glad you have some!!

  2. Have a great adventure. See you in May.