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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March winds

The wind has been raging all day so I couldn't go out and practice photography using some tips my son gave me. Hope I remember them when the wind finally stops. The tomato cages kept blowing off so we finally weighed them down with some heavy rods.

When Alpine had a big freeze several nights ago the two center ones survived with an old quilt over their cages. The one on the right froze and had to be replaced. The one on the left is half frozen but should survive. If it was easy I guess anyone could do it.

Today I worked on painting two 4' x 4' signs for my son's upcoming furniture sale. I'm still puny with vertigo but if I lie around too much I get behind on commitments so I did my best.

One of my main mottos in life is if you're going to do something (whether it's something you like to do or not) do it to the best of your ability. I always try to make chores and projects fun. Sometimes that's very difficult to do. Cleaning out the tanks comes to mind, but that's coming up next week. I've already started it and since the stucco tank never filled up it doesn't have much sediment in it. Hopefully it'll rain before the big concrete tank dries out and needs cleaning. Once the stucco tank is clean I'll pump the other tank's water into it, but even doing that it'll take a couple weeks or more to dry out.


  1. I hate being one of those who always offer a cure for things, but in regard to vertigo, see what you think about this, or talk to yr dr or a PT about it.
    Mine's almost disappeared since I started chair yoga.
    OK. I just couldn't help myself. Thanks for all your work.

  2. Thanks, Judith. Here in Alpine I can't find anyone to do the Epley maneuver. I've tried it on myself with no success. The Dr just gives me meclizine which makes me sleepy. I used to get the vertigo much worse, so now it's just an annoyance but I think something else was going on too because I was so exhausted and feverish. I've always been one to not really know when I'm sick or not because I either get a headache and no other symptoms or just get really tired. I'm sure my hectic trip to E TX drained me along with the cold weather I endured there that one morning. I'm trying to take it easy except I overdid today doing the signs. If I can slow myself down I should be well soon. Big if though. When other people get colds or flu I just feel puny for awhile. I'm feeling puny now. Thanks for your input.