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Friday, March 4, 2016

First damselfly of 2016

Yesterday I scoured the edges of our ponds for damselflies and none. Today there were quite a few. The most familiar Familiar Bluet...

...and the very common Southern Spreadwing. I get that one confused with the Plateau Spreadwing, so correct me if I'm wrong.

The spring weather caused me to have an overwhelming urge to set out a couple of tomato plants. I'll do my best to protect them from frosts, but I realize I may lose them. No way am I going to plant as many as I did last year. That was a nightmare of picking, most of which we gave away.

I have a big old quilt at the ready if the temperatures dip too low. If I'm not here I'll have to keep an eye on the forecast and call my husband to cover them. Later, after danger of frost, we have about 6 more plants to set out. Some years are not good tomato years and it's good to have extra plants, but then there are those overwhelming years like last year. We did end up eating garden tomatoes until Christmas though.

I've probably posted quite a few photos of Orange Sulphurs but I think these are my first of them mating. My camera and I weren't fast enough to get better shots. I just feel lucky I got what I got.


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