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Saturday, June 3, 2017

A little more rain; a little more Mac

Naturally, now that I'm trying to dry out the big tank so we can clean it out it rained again today. But just a quarter inch, so should still be able to start cleaning it out midweek. I don't mind if I don't get it all cleaned. Nature needs a little mud in the bottom. A few miles away they got 3." If the oasis had gotten that much I could forget about cleaning out the tank.

I love having Mac at the oasis, especially when I'm stuck in town. He's my eyes down there. And he takes really spectacular photos. Incredible shot of the storm, from the oasis, that didn't bring any rain last night.

He's going back to his home in a week and will be missed. When I was pumping water yesterday he was a lifesaver. The 3" line kept blowing apart when I started the gas pump. Finally figured out it was totally blocked with impacted rodent nests. I couldn't have gotten that heavy stiff pipe back together without his help. Now that I know the rodents will do that, I'll take measures to be sure it can't happen again. There was no reason I left an end of the pipe open in the first place. Just didn't know it mattered. I do now.

When I came to town today I forgot to take a photo of my stucco tank water. It's 39" below the elbow, so about 2/3 full. Mac will take me a photo in the morning so I can enjoy looking at all my water, even when I can't be there.

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