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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Annual fish fry

My husband loves to hold an annual fish fry for all our friends and family. It used to be a way to use up all the fish he loved catching. But last year he didn't catch hardly any, so no fish fry. This year he bought fish so he could have the fish fry. I'm very glad that most of my birding friends were able to make it. A few couldn't. Left to right clockwise: Michael Gray, Cecelia Riley, Barbara House and Sam House, Mac Womack, Kelly and Donna Bryan.

I didn't have much chance to try my new camera. The few shots I did do were no better than with my old Rebel. Problem likely me and not the camera. I'm sure I have a lot of hard learning ahead of me.

Some interesting birds at the wetlands near Presidio. Several of us are planning to go Monday.

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