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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Life comes at me fast

The days are brutally hot. In town today I practiced a little with my cameras, never staying outdoors long at a time. My poor apple tree is weighted down with apples. The deer eat all they can reach and prune the tree in the process. Way too many deer, dogs, cats, etc. running rampant in Alpine.

Came to CMO after supper to find the temperature had only dropped down to 105.° Watered some wilted stuff and filled empty feeders. By then one baby Elf Owl couldn't stand the heat in the nest hole anymore, so plopped itself outside for a cooler nap, to the consternation of the parents.

But junior dozed, oblivious.

And I was so frustrated. Trying to adjust the exposure compensation on my new camera, I accidentally turned on the timer. Didn't have glasses, was getting darker by the second, and no idea what I had done wrong. Later at the house with the manual I got it turned off. Meanwhile, I switched to my Lumix camera. But for some reason I had the focus set wrong or something. Still have to consult the manual. I need to get it right because that's the only camera I'm going to be able to carry with me to Pine Canyon Monday.

Rescued this lizard from a rain barrel by the house. He was none the worse for his experience. I think it's a Texas Banded Gecko. I've seen that species here before, but not one that looked exactly like this one.

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