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Monday, June 12, 2017

BJ Bishop Wetlands

Two  years ago when the wetlands opened in Presidio County near Ft. Leaton, I visited there. At that time I was disappointed by the "Keep Out" signs and was told by someone that you could only view it from the highway with a scope. So I never went back. Couldn't enjoy dragonflies that way.

Photo from Aug. 29, 2015
However, I recently heard that you can access the wetlands and there are some good bird species there, so Mac and I went and  met up with friends there this morning. It was loaded with dragonflies and the vegetation was great.

For perspective, notice the same dead tree in both the above photo and the photo from 2015. No lifers for me, but did get my first photos of Least Grebes.

And Black-necked Stilt....

I'd love ID help with this white robber fly from the wetlands today.

Yesterday at CMO Mac got a better photo of the leucistic Bell's Vireo than I had before. Basically, the top of his head is white.

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