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Monday, June 26, 2017

Marathon day

Hadn't been to Marathon in quite awhile. Feeling really restless. Seems I'm always waiting. Waiting for warm weather, waiting for rain, or something. Waiting for my sinus infection to get better.....

Sometimes when I go to Marathon I don't go to the Post Park outside of town because, in general, I don't care for it. Seems every time I go there, more vegetation has been removed, and more trash has accumulated. In spite of that disappointment, I'm glad I went today. I was able to photograph a Fragile Forktail, which is a species I had seen briefly in Austin last year, but never able to photograph before now.

From there I visited Gage Gardens, which is usually a delight. The billionaire owner, J P Bryan, has done an amazing job, and one which he has no obligation to do, or to open to the public. Besides a formal garden worthy of a palace, there are many wonderful native species.

I was pleased to see this new sign out front by an improved parking area.

Can you imagine eating a meal the size of yourself? If you're a robberfly, you might.

I swung by the Prairie Dog town some 10 miles or so north of Marathon. I had heard it's going to be a park or something on the TX birding trail, but there was no new sign there, as I had expected there might be. Didn't see any Burrowing Owls either. Lots of Prairie Dogs though.

UPDATE: My damselfly books lists the Fragile Forktail as common in this area but when I went to Odonata Central database, I could only find one other record for Brewster Co, also at the Post Park, and it didn't have a photo with it, so I'm thinking they're probably not that common here and it probably is a lifer for me.

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