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Monday, June 26, 2017

Marathon day

Hadn't been to Marathon in quite a while. Feeling really restless. Seems I'm always waiting. Waiting for warm weather, waiting for rain, or something. Waiting for my sinus infection to get better.....

Sometimes when I go to Marathon I don't go to the Post Park outside of town because, in general, I don't care for it. Seems every time I go there, more vegetation has been removed, and more trash has accumulated. In spite of that disappointment, I'm glad I went today. I was able to photograph a Fragile Forktail, which is a species I had seen briefly in Austin last year, but never able to photograph before now.

From there I visited Gage Gardens, which is usually a delight. The billionaire owner, J P Bryan, has done an amazing job, and one which he has no obligation to do, or to open to the public. Besides a formal garden worthy of a palace, there are many wonderful native species.

I was pleased to see this new sign out front by an improved parking area.

Can you imagine eating a meal the size of yourself? If you're a robberfly, you might.

I swung by the Prairie Dog town some 10 miles or so north of Marathon. I had heard it's going to be a park or something on the TX birding trail, but there was no new sign there, as I had expected there might be. Didn't see any Burrowing Owls either. Lots of Prairie Dogs though.

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