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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

All in a day's work

Went to the grocery store late this morning and immediately spotted a juvenile Black-chinned Hummingbird flying around inside the store. When I asked employees they said it had been flying around in there all morning. I couldn't stand not trying to rescue it, so raced home for some bird netting..... the kind we protect our fruit trees with. Back at the store, I observed the bird for about 30 minutes, noting that occasionally it rested briefly down low. The store's ceilings are very high.

A couple of times it perched near a leafy potted plant so I stationed myself there. The next time it exhaustedly perched there I rushed a big wad of the netting over it. It had perched on the rim of a vase and the net had pushed it into the vase. I put my hand over the top of the vase, carried it outside and released it. It all happened so fast that people in the store didn't know if I'd caught it or not. I reassured them I had. Just call me the hummingbird whisperer. LOL


  1. Oh well done. I hate it when birds are trapped in buildings or contrivances. Many years ago a hummingbird flew directly into the window screen and it's bill went in a bit too far. It was backing up frantically, and might have made it, but I couldn't stand to watch so went out and plucked it off.
    I've never felt anything that weighed so next to nothing, and it buzzed off.

  2. Thanks all. It feels good to free a trapped hummer. No good deed goes unpunished, however. In the distraction I lost my pickup keys. Had gone to the store in the car. My pickup won't start with the spare key. Has to be the one with the chip in it. So I was really distraught, but returning to the store before they closed tonight, someone had turned in my keys. I think I pulled them out of my pocket, forgetting I was in the car and so had two sets of keys in my hand and with my camera and netting, and lack of mindfulness, I lost the pickup keys. A big wake-up call for sure.
    That key is never leaving the ignition again. If I want to lock my laptop, cameras, etc. in the pickup, I'll use the spare keys to lock and unlock it. Otherwise, I could be facing an ordeal at the dealership in Odessa trying to get a key made for it.

  3. Oh Oh. One mission accomplished and another mission to be completed. I'm glad it worked out. (I'm old enough to remember car keys that just worked. No chips. Sheesh.)

    1. Yes, I'm glad the solution is so simple. I have two spare keys that only unlock the car and only cost $1 each. So I carry one to lock and unlock and the other stays in my husband's office in case I lose my spare. Fool proof. I always wear pants with a pocket and one little key in the bottom is no problem. I highly recommend this method. When I bought the pickup it only came with one ignition key. But I see no need for another now.