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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Common stuff

The sun barely shone today here in Alpine so I wasn't much inspired to photograph anything. Bob Zeller had suggested I shoot in Tv mode and set the ISO to automatic. Sounded good to me, so was eager to try it. I shot this Blue Dasher that way.

While it seems to me that my picture quality is equivalent to what I shot with my old Rebel, I don't want to go back to it, so something must be better. Not sure what though. Probably for my purposes, which is mostly documentation, this quality is fine. It's just that some species are hard to tell apart and require better.

I took this photo yesterday. Didn't post it because I've posted dozens of this species already, but Brian insists so I relented. It's a Two-tailed Swallowtail female. And likely the last photo of that species I'll ever post.

We're waiting on the tenant to get out of the rent house. They said they'd be out before today. Now they say in a day or so. Waiting is messing up both of our schedules. I want to go to CMO and pump some of the water out of the upper dirt tank and my husband needs to get the house painted and detailed and rented before he goes on a two week fishing trip the last week of Aug and first week of Sep. Also lots of odes are showing up at CMO and I worry that I'm missing them. So far they're mostly gliders, but I know good stuff is imminent.

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  1. I'm glad Brian insisted on your posting that photo. It's a good one.