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Sunday, August 13, 2017

What a day!!!

I knew several groups of birders were going to be at the oasis today and I really wanted to be there. I hurried and finished the rent house floors and rushed down. By the time I arrived only one birder was still there. Glad I got to meet him anyway. Then after he left I rushed around filling feeders, and other chores. I noticed it was really raining to the southeast of the oasis in the park. And thought it'd be nice to get another little shower. We had gotten a nice one yesterday when I wasn't here, so I wasn't planning on watering anything anyway.

It started sprinkling at 4 PM and I thought, oh I hope we get a few tenths. It'd be nice. I didn't get to see the tanks fill a week ago today and missed the shower yesterday. The loud AC was going in the house and I was playing on the computer. Lots of close lightning, lights flickered on and off.

I went to look out the window and the courtyard was flooded. Water was seeping in the kitchen door so I ran out in the rain and took the overflow drain off the pond. It's designed to drain the courtyard should it be necessary. But it's never been necessary before. My camera was in my pickup and I didn't dare go get it, so I snapped a couple of poor shots with my cell phone. This first one, taken looking out the window, shows water pouring off the roof into the courtyard.

When I was finally able to go out water was everywhere. The oasis was under water, the road going to the oasis was underwater. I took some video clips to share the event. Hope they're viewable. The first one is the water running across the road after both dirt tanks are full.

2017 8-13 (1) road

This next one is me going to the Lower Dam. From there the water goes to the ocean as CMO can hold no more. A shame too.

2017 8-13 CMO to L.dam

Next is a short clip taken below the dam.

2017 8-13 CMO L.dam clip (2)

Here's the wildlife pond.

2017 8-13 CMO (4) wildlife pond

And the pine forest taken by the flooded cottonwood tree.

2017 8-13 (3) cottonwood

Those should give you an idea of what it was like. Water roaring in stereo from all directions.


  1. That's a wonderful thing. (Even if some things got flooded out. I hope it doesn't cause you too much work. But a big big rain is wonderful. I used to think so even when I lived 2 miles down a pasture road.)

    1. Yes, the trees all got a real good soaking which is wonderful.