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Saturday, August 12, 2017

One tile at a time

My shirt is hanging down. I'm not fat! (I weigh 135 lbs.)

Got over half the house done. It's 600 square feet. Only 200 or so to go. 😓 My husband doesn't know how to take photos so this photo isn't what I would have taken. Upper left corner is his finger of course. Behind me is the dirty floor. Can is oven cleaner. Yup, it's saving my life. First I spray a section of six or so tiles with oven cleaner, then scour them with a steel pad. Then I take a wet rag and scrub up the mud, which is what I'm doing on the above photo. This photo doesn't give even a clue as to how filthy the floors are before I scrub them. A lot of what I'm removing is old wax buildup. My husband waxes the floors before he rents them out. I can't dissuade him from doing it. Did the shower with oven cleaner too. Try it. You'll like it.

I wish I had known about using oven cleaner while cleaning that last rent house less than a month ago. Before that it had been at least 2 yrs. since we had a vacancy. Hopefully, it'll be a real long time again. And sometimes people actually leave the house clean. We love it when we can give them their deposits back. Meanwhile, two trashed houses within a month is pretty traumatic. (Total of 4 rentals.)

No later than Monday morning I'm going to CMO and for the most part I plan to stay there for the next 4 weeks with short visits to town. Summers there with plenty of water are my favorite times and I don't want to miss out.  I'll have the floors done tomorrow, then the house will be done except for things I can't do. A new refrigerator is being delivered Monday, and a plumber is coming Wednesday, etc.

Dreaming of odes and butterflies that I'm going to be photographing soon!


  1. You're a better woman than I am. I'd take a portion of that rent money and spend it on a cleaning service. On the other hand, I'd be happy to be the next renter for such a clean house. Good grief. Glad you are leaving town for the Oasis.

  2. I hear you. We're always trying to hire help. No one wants to work and when we do get someone they don't do it right. No way could I get that floor done right without doing it myself. I think that next time it won't be so bad and I can get someone to do it. Obviously, we're not going to be able to do this kind of stuff much longer. My husband painted the house. I work just as hard at the oasis too. I guess since I've slaved away all my life my body is used to it, although it's getting harder and harder. I don't even think about going up my mountain or going to Lajitas looking for odes. Have to use all my energy to keep up with the work. But the rent house is done and it should be years before one needs doing again. By then I'm pretty sure we'll hire it done.