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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Had it with my new camera

It takes pictures fine in Manual and Programs mode, but not in Av mode. Gonna send it back. Here are two photos I took a while ago. The only thing different between the two is the first was taken in Manual mode and the second was taken in Av mode a second later.

If I can manage to get the settings right in M mode, then they shouldn't mess up by switching to Av mode, right? Someone please explain how that could happen if the camera is working properly. I'm just really disgusted with the camera. I've struggled with that problem for over 2 months now, feeling like a moron because I can't take good pics in the Av mode, which is the mode I always used with my Rebel.

Tried juicing tomatoes with my new juicer. Probably won't do that again. Juice went everywhere. And since you still have to blanch and peel them, it's easier to just puree them in my food processor. The juicer puts out an equal amount of juice and puree. So I'm not going to throw 50% (the puree) away, so I just mixed it all together anyway.

Here's a Desert Firetail that was perched while I was testing camera modes. I caught it in flight accidentally. (Manual mode, of course)

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