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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Work and more work

Yesterday I worked all day on the rent house. It was as filthy as any we've had, maybe worse.

Today I came to the oasis to service feeders and pump the water out of the upper dirt tank before it's all lost. It had gone down 3' but still had a lot in it. Topped off all my tanks and the rest went into the lower dirt tank, which holds water twice as good as the upper dirt tank. Here's my big concrete tank after the water settled and all.

The stucco tank leaks about an inch per day. Not much I can do about it. The water that backed up behind the dams in the arroyo is now gone except for one puddle. Dragonflies are everywhere. I felt lucky to capture this pair of Wandering Gliders. They never land that I can tell.

A lot of stuff is blooming and butterfly numbers are increasing. Here's the Senna Wislizeni that I planted several years ago.

Back to town to work on the rent house the next few days. Husband is calling me, wanting to know when I'm coming and telling me all that needs doing there. 

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