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Friday, September 15, 2017

Getting excited about the road

I'm finally going to be able to do some improvements to the road. Really exciting for me. In a few weeks someone is going to come with a big dozer and work on the big hill. After that, I'm going to get at least one of the other 4 bad places fixed with cement patches. That's the plan, anyway. Any plan is better than none. And any improvement is better than none. That road has been a passion of mine for 40 yrs. I've gone way too long without getting it back into shape since my late husband passed away 14 yrs ago. If I can just get the big hill improved and widened this year, then next year I can start plotting other improvements. It's only a mile of road, how bad can it be? And much of it is fine. It's just the slopes that erode. 

Lots of this cute Shaggy Portulaca (portulaca pilosa) blooming.

My sister and I went up the mountain today. We agreed it was our last time for this year. Things are winding down for the year up there. Blooms drying up and very few butterflies. We plan to go up more often next spring than we did this spring. We'll see. Chinati Checkerspots were the most numerous butterfly up there.

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