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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Still going at break-neck speed

Finally got the internet installed at 9 PM last night and headed immediately to CMO. Arrived to see the moon framed by the pouroff of our mountain.

Then on to fill feeders by flashlight so I could go to Bishop Wetlands early this AM with Mac. Only had about 3 hours of sleep the last few nights, basically because of the steroid medication I'm taking for my allergies. Tomorrow I have to water and do more feeders. Migrants are showing up in increasing numbers. Here's a juvenile male Calliope Hummingbird.

I almost got a lifer today at CMO. When we got back from the wetlands Mac dropped me off at the house and since we were both going to the oasis asap I left my camera in his vehicle. He parked in the parking lot and I parked in the shade of the canopy. When I stepped out to go get my camera, there beside me was perched what I believe was an Antillean Saddlebag. The only few minutes of today that I had been separated from my camera. Wouldn't you know it! I studied the ode with my binos, trying to memorize every detail. Later I could only match my memory to the Antillean. But, no pic, didn't happen. Never could relocate it. Gonna try again tomorrow. Lots of odes and butterflies everywhere. 

At the Bishop Wetlands I got what I think is a Southern Skipperling. I've seen that species in the Rio Grande Valley but never W Texas, so the sighting isn't confirmed. Brian said it could be a Sunrise Skipperling and without a specimen he can't be sure.

Also at the wetlands were millions of W Pygmy Blues, and just as many Painted Crescents.

An interesting bug wearing shiny blue body armor. Brian says it's a spider or cricket hunting solitary wasp.

Swarms of insects of all kinds. Mosquitoes that were huge and seemed oblivious to our repellent.  Best pic I ever took of a female Eastern Amberwing, which isn't saying much since my others are awful.

It's a two hour drive to the wetlands from CMO so we had a chance to see a lot of interesting stuff along the way. I loved the Aoudad looking down from above the highway.

And here's a quick shot of a Gray Hawk that Mac got out the pickup window as it took off. It was on his side of the road so I didn't get a chance for a photo of it.

Hundreds of other photos but I'm too tired tonight.

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