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Friday, October 13, 2017

Final ode expedition for this year

I decided to make one last jaunt for odes. The season is winding down. I was sure there'd be Mexican Amberwings at the Bishop Wetlands by Presidio. Decided to make a quick stop at Shafter on my way to break up the trip. Upon arrival, I immediately knew it would be hard to pry myself away from the idyllic place. There was a lovely spot to park and the water was just right, not too swift, nor too slow.

I happily sloshed up and down the waterway. My only concern was not to lose my footing on the slippery uneven rocks under the water and get my camera wet. It is Friday the 13th, after all.

When I had visited earlier in the year, I was really disappointed. No water, "KEEP OUT" signs along the road, and no decent place to park. Today there were lots of cattails growing in the water where I had never seen them before. The signs were gone, maybe washed away by flooding, or maybe someone contested the right for them to be in the waterway. So I had great fun! Right away I photographed a Serpent Ringtail. Wanted better shots but never saw it again.

Got the first Presidio County record for Autumn Meadowhawk. There were quite a few of them there, so not knowing that was unusual, I almost didn't bother to photograph one.

And saw the cutest little Red-spotted Toad.

I dragged myself away long before I was ready, thinking there'd be Mexican Amberwings at the Bishop Wetlands. If  you're wondering why I''m so obsessed with that species, it's because I'm the only person who has documented them in Texas. so I feel they need more comprehensive documentation, a task that seems to fall upon me by default.

The wetlands, I soon discovered was almost dry. Very little water. And nary an amberwing. Not surprisingly, I didn't search for long before I headed back to Shafter. But by then it was late in the day and I didn't see any species I hadn't already seen earlier. I had waited until midday to start my trip. Otherwise, if I go in the morning, I'm tired and ready to leave by the time oding gets good.

My sister captured this bear image on one of her wildlife cams several days ago.

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