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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I'm a bust

I was going to title this "Lajitas a bust," but then realized it's me that's the bust. Knowing that amberwings only come out in the afternoon, I went to Lajitas looking for them this morning. By afternoon I felt headachy and left. I didn't even see an Eastern Amberwing, a species that I know for sure is there. I was looking for Mexican Amberwings. To make matters worse, I believe I had one at the oasis yesterday and dismissed it as an Eastern. I feel senile. No other excuse. Think my sinus infection is affecting my brain function. Gonna lay low for about a month and see if my body can get it under control. I was so accustomed to the infection that I forgot I had it and was blaming this headachyness on everything else. Here's the potential Mexican Amberwing at CMO.

Here's how Lajitas looked today. There used to be a row of bushes and trees beyond this lawn. They removed them all so people could enjoy the view. Standing at the building, looking out and down toward the golf course the lawn looks like an infinity lawn, as in green infinity pool.

In keeping with not blocking the view, they pruned this cottonwood tree way up. At least they left it.

There was a lot of activity on the golf course today too, which inhibits my enjoyment of it. This appeared to be one of the places set up for food and drinks. The other places were tents.

Back in Alpine I saw this fresh Question Mark butterfly. I think it's only the second I've seen this year. The other one was at the oasis last month, per my records. (I have no memory of that sighting.)

UPDATE: Mexican Amberwing ID later confirmed by experts.

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