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Thursday, October 5, 2017


I meant to post a photo of the Black Swallowtail cats consuming the rue (ruta graveolens), but forgot. Here it is, taken several days ago. Looking more threadbare now.

I'm having a tough time trying to photograph and ID the amberwings. I think they're Mexican Amberwings, but need better photos. Didn't have enough sunlight today. Maybe tomorrow. IDs still not confirmed. Hoping the experts can do it.

Summer is technically over, but we'll still have a few more days of summer weather, though I doubt any significant rain. Too bad the two monsoonal downpours I got were a week apart and not spaced more, but I should make it through until next summer.

My sister and I have enjoyed finding plants and getting them identified. One I especially like is this Wavyleaf Twinevine (funastrum crispum) we found along my trail up the mountain (photo taken last November).

We've yet to see it bloom. Plants have multiple Latin names as well as numerous common names, so I'm not sure what the blooms will look like. Here are a couple of potential images from the internet of what we might expect the blooms to look like.

UPDATE: Mexican Amberwing ID later confirmed.

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