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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Be careful what you ask for

Mac is always hoping to see wildlife at the oasis, such as bears, mountain lions....  Well, early this AM as he was sitting quietly near the back water feature, the old collared mountain lion showed up to drink. The lion apparently never knew Mac was there. That lion is in sad shape, and I think the people that collared it should put it down. (Photo courtesy of Mac) He shot this with his cell phone since the lion was too close to him (about 7 feet) to use the big lens he had on his big camera.  The close encounter left Mac, understandably, a little shaken. You never know what a lion that's not strong enough to catch its normal prey (javelina) will do. (I posted a video clip of this lion May 4, 2017)

Here's all of it he could get with his big lens.

Left side of face
Right side of face
Yesterday my sister joined me in giving tours to the Alpine Garden Club. Here are a few of the photos taken by Lois Leofsky. Thanks for these, Lois!

Mac sitting in his mountain lion viewing spot

Ann even gave them a tour of her house

You can view all her photos from yesterday here:!Aspq8yejVO-4nl8YV07dJdDVcjNz

UPDATE: We contacted TX Parks & Wildlife and they said the lion is 7-8 yrs old and probably has a kill nearby and will leave after it's eaten. Since we haven't seen it since those couple of days, I figure it's either moved on, or dead, so will wait and see if it comes back again.

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