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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Migration moving along

The hummers are back at the feeders. Quite a few migrants coming through. And the first Varied Bunting for the year arrived right on time. Some professional photographers visited this morning and one of their target birds was that bunting. I checked my records and told them it should arrive today. Finally, after they had their cameras packed up and were ready to leave the bunting arrived. So they didn't get a photo, although they unpacked and waited, but it was a lifer for one of them.

And Mac is back! It was 7 PM and I still hadn't taken a photo today. I just couldn't find anything to justify the effort. Not feeling well, but not sick either. Gonna try vitamins for sure. Mac spotted Aoudads way up on top of my mountain in the sun's afterglow. Here's his shot of it.

by Mac Womack

In this dry spell the trees are sparsely leafed out, but at least they're alive until better times come.

Entering the courtyard after dark I heard an Elf Owl calling near me. Managed a photo of it by using flash on my Lumix, but had no way to focus the lens in the dark. Here's the little bugger barking at me. Cameras always will be a mystery to me, I suppose.

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