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This first photo is of the house.

On the next photo of the oasis notice the white Cattle Egrets perched on the canopy we constructed for our motorhome. (I sold the motorhome after Sherwood died and now use the canopy for a shaded picnic area.)

Above is an AZ Cypress tree on the left, Cottonwood, center, and a Big Tooth Maple is the small tree in front of the cabin.


The above pathway has been raised after the big 2000 flood. Below those red flowers are Harvard Penstemmons. Initially, I planted a few, but some years they come up all over the place on their own.

Most years Peregrine Falcons nest on the cliffs above the oasis. The next two photos are of the arroyo carrying water below my oasis. After a flash flood fills all my tanks the water goes over my 3 dams and down the arroyo. What water I've captured isn't even a blip on the radar screen. My tanks fill up in a few minutes. Much of the water you see below entered the arroyo below my oasis. My oasis is closer to the beginning of this deluge.

Here are a few more pictures from 2005 that I like.

I've taken to cleaning the silt out of the tank every other year unless it never gets empty before rainy season starts. Here's husband, Hugh, cleaning it out.