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Monday, September 10, 2012

A better day today

My son came down from Alpine and checked everything and concluded that a "phase" of my electricity was out, so I called the electric company. Therefore, I went to Alpine without it getting fixed because I didn't know when they would make it out and I couldn't do any watering. Tomorrow we have to leave at 6 AM for Odessa. (I'm getting some teeth pulled and implants put in. The worst part is that I'll have to eat mush for 4 months. Seems excessively long to me.)

Anyway, I was most anxious about the electricity. I MUST water my trees Wed or Thurs. At 5 PM I couldn't stand not knowing any longer so I called Rio Grande Electric. They had gone out there and apparently found a bad wire and fixed it and I'm good to go. Now I just hope my newly installed pump switch works. I think it will, but it should be fixable, if not. And I think the old one would have worked fine too.

There are lots of juvenile birds everywhere. I love the newborn quail best but they're gone too fast to photograph. This young Northern Mockingbird hung around just fine, though. (Photo taken at CMO)

I want to photograph butterflies on these flowers in Alpine, but when I go outside my hay fever goes bonkers.

There are weeds in Alpine that I call Ragweed (I'm a yankee) and my husband calls Careless Weed, but whatever it is, I'm allergic to it. At the oasis I'm allergic to Golden Crownbeard but don't have a problem when I keep it all pulled from there.

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