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Monday, September 3, 2012

A full day

Whew! I can hardly catch my breath. We started early this morning banding near Terlingua where Kelly Bryan (the master bander) spotted a lovely snake, a Texas Longnose Snake. That's a new snake species for me. Kelly tried to keep it from disappearing long enough for me to snap a photo of it.

After banding we went in search of odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) at Lajitas. It was scorching hot and we OD'd on dragonflies. I took 230 photos and I'm sure Kelly took more. I haven't had a chance to ID all my photos yet but here's one of my favorites, a Widow Skimmer.

On the way back to the oasis around 5-6 PM, we came upon the Terlingua Ranch Road totally flooded. For miles we drove through scary water rushing over the road. Low cars were waiting for the water to subside but our pickups made it ever so slowly through. Got a couple of miles from the oasis and bone dry. Not a drop. How disappointing! It would have topped off my tanks and given everything a good soaking.

I'll try to post more odonate photos when I get rested up and get them ID'd.

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