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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All systems up and running

I was a happy camper watering my trees today. My favorite thing to do. My interest in birds, butterflies, odonates, and other life forms comes and goes depending on what's in abundance at the time, but my trees (ie. oasis) is always my top priority. The above photo is not what I would have liked but I took it myself and after several attempts that cut my head off, I settled on this one. Only just now it occurred to me I could have put the camera on a tripod. Duh! 

The new pressure switch works great and has more pressure than the old one, which will be better as long as no leaks appear in the lines.

Husband on a two-week fishing trip to Colorado so I can just indulge myself to my heart's content. Hopefully, it'll rain tomorrow. There's a good chance of it.

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