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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Damsels in distress?

It was so windy today I finished the watering I needed to do and headed for cover. Even the damselflies seemed to be clinging for dear life.


  1. That must be where the Comanches got the idea to decorate their lances with feathers

  2. Wow I've been watching this storm surge over your Alpine region all day. Looks like a long line of Freight Train moving through. You must have gotten lots of Rain.

    So is your Oasis directly south of Alpine ? I know it won't be listed on the map here.

  3. My oasis is in the Christmas Mountains just north of Big Bend National Park and 70 miles south of Alpine. We got nearly half an inch of rain in Alpine over the last couple of days but only occasional sprinkles at the oasis. It's been cool and overcast though. While all that's great, I'm still hoping my tanks will top off before next rainy season.