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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A challenging day

It's so glib to lecture my kids as to how they should consider their problems as challenges, but almost impossible to do it myself. I just get so overwhelmed with "challenges."

Since I have to have major dental surgery Tuesday, I got my chores done in Alpine yesterday and came down to the oasis early today to get things caught up here. The first thing I noticed was that the drip I left dripping under the cottonwood tree was not dripping. Sometimes the pressure switch gets stuck and I have to fiddle with it to get it going. Well, I fiddled ad nauseam, then decided it was time to install the new switch I'd purchase some time back. So after all morning and my son in Alpine advising me along the way I  completed my first pump switch installation and still the pump didn't come on. Son walked me through testing with an amp meter thing and somewhere along the line I discovered the breakers at the pole weren't hot, although they had been hot earlier. (I did not touch 2 hot wires together) Anyway, to make a long story shorter, I finally gave up and my son is reluctantly coming down in the morning to, hopefully, fix it.

On the bright side I didn't get electrocuted or snake-bit although I had close encounters with both today.

Took a few photos late this afternoon in an attempt to de-stress. Here's my lovely tank full of water. Trying to enjoy seeing it because I never know how many months, or years, before I'll see it full again.

Finally got one of the turtles with it's neck stuck out.

 And the first roadrunner I've seen here since early last year.Of all the species that abandoned the oasis last year, it was the last one to return.

Lots of frogs around the ponds. I think they're Leopard Frogs.

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