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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Now, a Varied Thrush at CMO

It's crazy here. I have to think the horrendous south wind the other day played a hand in all this. I hate it that I was gone the five days after the wind. No telling what was here, and left. My thrush photos were way dark. The few-seconds-look caught me off guard. I was scouring the trees for the Buff-bellied Hummingbird and flushed the thrush. It landed briefly, then disappeared down the arroyo. I just had to snap and hope for the best. I photoshopped them as best I could.

It's a beautiful life bird for me. I didn't see it until 6 PM. 

Another new-to-the-oasis bird I had today was a Golden-crowned Kinglet. I didn't get photos of it but Mark Lockwood did. Whew, what a day. It's my husband's 70th birthday. Good thing he only turns 70 once.


  1. Wow. One state bird I definitely need! Wonderful photo of a species I've only encountered out west.

    Thanks for all you do with your habitat at CMO. Buff-bellied Hummingbird and Varied Thrush at one location? There is now a precedence. :-)

  2. That'll be a hard act to follow for sure. Can't wait for daylight. Wish you'd be here then.