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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The value of butterflies and moths

The new issue of "Audubon" magazine (Jul-Aug) had an interesting article about backyard habitats. Here's a quote from it, "new research is showing that small habitats can add up to a big difference, starting with your bird-friendly yard." For example, I had never realized before how vitally important moths and butterflies are to bird reproduction success. Many species depend on larva (caterpillars) to feed their nestlings. And it requires a lot of caterpillars to meet the demand.  "It takes 390 to 570 caterpillars a day to feed a growing clutch of  4 to 6 Carolina Chickadees..." That makes me appreciate my caterpillars all the more. (In truth, they're hard for me to appreciate. I'm trying.)

I'm so pleased to see other people working hard at habitats. Today we banded at a place in Study Butte/Terlinga called Far Flung Outdoor Center. (They have cabins for rent too. Go to this site and click on lodging .)


  1. We have had a lot of Sphinx Moths at our Pollinator Garden in Fredsericksburg.Ours are White-lined ..Hyles lineata.

  2. Yes, I have more sphinx moths at the oasis this year too. I need to take more photos of them.