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Sunday, January 27, 2019

All play and no work

I went to the oasis today, but didn't do a lick of work. Just photographed a new flower at my sister's and checked out what birds and flowers were at the oasis. Weather was perfect. I can't remember when I ever went there with no other purpose than to enjoy the place like a visitor. The Texas Selenia (Selenia dissecta) is really blooming profusely along Terlingua Ranch road, but none at the oasis. We keep hoping to find some at our places, but so far none.

A great consolation is the Uinta Ragwort (Packera Millelobata) that my sister discovered blooming yesterday. I love its fern-like leaves.

Lots of Lark Buntings over-wintering at the oasis. Some years they do and some years they don't. I've seen large flocks here all winter.

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