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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beautiful and birdy

I really wanted to at least get the sotol put on the roof of the future citrus patch area, but sacrificed a great birding day in the process. Migrants were streaming though faster than I could ID them.

The shade that the sotol is creating is a great place to view the feeders from in the afternoon. Will hate to lose that when I fence it in for the citrus. May have to rethink some things. The place is always a work in progress. I didn't quite get the sotol all attached before I couldn't go anymore.

I may finish the sotol tomorrow and then wait on the fence until spring when I'll first need it. Gives me plenty of time to brainstorm. I would have gotten done quicker and easier but I ran out of the older sotol that I had piled up, and when I went out to break off some of this years crop, most of it was too green and wouldn't break. So I did most of that walking bushwhacking for nothing, Those laying on the roof on the left side that aren't trimmed and wired down yet are new ones. Their seed heads are full of little caterpillars that rain down on me when I try to pull the sotol down and break it off. Yuck!

The place is so lush and lovely. I hate it that cold weather is just around the corner. It seems by the time the vegetation gets awesome, freezes come and ruin it all. You can't walk out in the surrounding hillsides without stepping on flowers.

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