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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Citrus patch coming along

Today I dug a hole for the other tub that is intended to hold a large citrus tree. I plan to keep water in the bottom of it and set the potted tree inside during summers. Eventually, I might plant it in the ground. Hopefully, I'll get a feel for how hardy they are and get brave enough to do it. If the tub isn't set into the ground, the pots will get too hot and the plants will dry out and suffer from overheated roots. The tub is sitting to the left of the hole-in-progress.

Next the tub is set into the hole. Then I put a cover over it so I can use the space  as a bird viewing blind when it's not in use with citrus.

The shallower tub will hold 6 or so smaller pots while I'm getting the hang of growing citrus. I'll probably set it a couple inches deeper into the ground and make a plywood cover for it. The two rocks on the left of the below photo are temporarily holding stuff in place until my cement dries. I had to patch a couple of places in that curb beneath the fence so rabbits, gophers, and such can't get in and devour the citrus. I suppose a year or two from now I'll read this and think how naive I was. But I have to start somewhere, or give up without trying. That wouldn't be me... And I do plan to put some things directly into the ground and see how they survive winters. Stuff that I won't mind losing.

Lot of migrant activity today, but nothing unusual. Tomorrow is banding day and since Kelly will have another bander with him, I'll be free to take a few photos.

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