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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fox Sparrow

There are still quite a few birds around, but none interesting, except a Fox Sparrow that I first saw here  5 days ago. Today I finally managed to get a halfway decent photo of it. It's the Eastern "Red" race.

Here is an agave that was given to me many years ago. Does anyone know what species it is?


  1. Carolyn the agave looks like Agave ferox 'Green Goblin'.
    They develop into beautiful 4-5' specimens.
    Marlin Andrus

  2. Wow, thanks, Marlin. I think you nailed it. I think I'll move some of the suckers out to a more roomy sunny location.

  3. Ah! I wondered were my Fox had gone. They certainly are a handsome sparrow. We see lots of them in the spring passing through.....;)

  4. Not to worry. I'll feed him well and send him back in the spring.