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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The CMO citrus project is underway

The Ptelea trifoliata arrived right on schedule today via Fed X. Seems to be in good condition after its journey from Georgia.

I plan to put it in the ground in the spring along with any other citrus I accumulate in the meantime. I just ordered a Ruta graveolens.

Just in case you're not all burned out on Baby Orny pics, here's one from today. He's pretty much done growing now and should pupate soon. You'll notice he's longer today than he was yesterday.

I'm headed to the oasis early in the morning. Was kind of hanging around town waiting on the tree.


  1. If the Ptelea ecotype from GA doesn't work out (sometimes the same species but from a wetter clime can't adapt to desert conditions), they might be had in El Paso-SE Arizona-Abq. But good luck, this is a good time to plant.

  2. Thanks for the info. I hadn't thought about looking by location instead of by species. I'm hesitant to put any citrus in the ground. I plan to keep them in pots, at least until spring. All suggestions appreciated.

  3. Have you considered Mexican orange (Choisya dumosa)? A Trans-Pecos native from the citrus family. Sul Ross or CDRI may have them.

  4. Yes, it's on my list, along with Trifolate Orange, and several others. I'm going to buy all of the stuff on my list that I can, and focus on what does best. Sul Ross and CDRI don't have any citrus at all, but I'm far from out of options. I'm planting citrus seeds for disposable citrus. Ie, if it doesn't survive winters, it's ok. I'll use it for summer and autumn foliage for swallowtails.