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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Latest oasis devastation

I guess this is a lesson to not take myself, the oasis, or the trees, too seriously. Bears, probably the mother with her 3 cubs, went for the acorns on the two Chinkapin Oak trees and demolished the trees in the process of making sure they didn't miss an acorn. At first I was heart-broken, but as I cleaned up the mess, I realized the trees will survive. And they're not my most valued trees, though I really was looking forward to Scrub Jays enjoying the acorns all winter.

If my oasis wasn't here, the species that damage it, would go to other places that are larger and more able to absorb their onslaught. I finally wrapped the locust tree since the sapsuckers won't leave it alone.

This next photo shows the ground littered with acorn shells.

And bear scat....

I tried to save what limbs on the oak trees that I could. Time will tell if they survive.

I sure hope the bears leave my big acorn-laden Live Oak tree alone. I have no idea how it would withstand their reckless foraging. Its acorns are greener than the Chinkapin's were. But bears probably have a memory like an elephant, or a hummingbird. Additionally, they probably know exactly when the acorns will be ripe enough to gorge upon.

And no sign of the Costa's Hummingbird today....

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