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Monday, October 21, 2013

Times races on

Lately it seems when I come to the oasis after having spent 2 or 3 days in town, instead of my usual flurry of getting things caught up, I just need a recovery day, and don't get much accomplished the day I arrive. Late this afternoon I forced myself to do a little more on the future citrus patch. I ever so slowly installed fence on the west side. The south side was already fenced, so that leaves 2 more sides and I'm done. I plan to put up fiberglass panels on the remaining sides, like I did for the viewing blind, except I won't paint them. Some light will go through, plus they'll make a good wind break that citrus apparently needs. Putting in a gate will be the hardest part.

There are plenty of "possum grapes" (cissus trifoliata) around. Something will surely feast on them.

Was rather surprised to see this Big Bend Patchnose snake today, as the weather was on the cool side.

Tomorrow's another day.....

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