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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A dose of reflection

I took a closer look at the vireo nest I posted yesterday, and think it's possible the branch sagged, making the nest tilt. However, the vireos that build nests on fragile limbs that sag under the weight may be less likely to get predated, and more likely to have nesting success, so it could still be evolution at work. On this photo you can barely see her tail sticking out.

I was able to get a better side view shot of the Greater Pondhawk that I posted yesterday.

Here's the pond he frequents.

I swear the grasshoppers are as big as hummingbirds.

And the oasis looks lovely when you can't see or feel the mosquitoes.

This year is half over and I was thinking about all that happened in the first half of the year. Surely, the last half can't be as eventful.

I cleaned and coated the stucco tank.
Had a lifer Kentucky Warbler.
Numerous lifer butterflies.
Daughter's wedding in the park.
Lost 30,000 gallons of water when a faucet got left on.
Got a big mid-June rain that saved the day.

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