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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Every day is precious

I try to make the best of every day, whether I'm in town or at CMO, and whether it's over 100° or not. So I braved the heat searching for a new butterfly species until I found one. New for me, anyway. Maybe all the hard work creating the habitat around the ponds here in town will pay off, because that's where I found my lifer Acmon Blue. With so many Reakirt's and Marine Blues around, it's not easy to sort everything out.

On Mexican Hat flower

Of course, I would have liked to have gotten a better photo, but that's pretty much my standing mantra with every species.

I saw this lovely Twelve-spotted Skimmer over the ponds. Not a new species for me, but wondrous, nevertheless.

On Willow tree overhanging pond

And that was about all the excitement I could squeeze into a day in town. Of course, I marveled at how much the ducklings have grown, but not so much they need to have another photo posted so soon after yesterday.

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